Bugs status / Ports status (was Re: Preparing 0.2.70 ?)

Christophe Massiot massiot at via.ecp.fr
Thu Mar 15 23:34:30 CET 2001

À (At) 17:33 +0100 15/03/01, Samuel Hocevar écrivait (wrote) :

>    Now that we have network support, I suggest we prepare a 0.2.64 or
>even 0.2.70 "major feature enhancements" release.
>    Amongst the new things, we will have:
>   * network input
>   * video parsing fixes (mux rate, 64 bits clean), AC3 decoding fixes
>   * BeOS enancements and optimizations (file open, DVD device selection)
>   * gtk playlist, Qt interface, stream date display
>   * audio/spu/title/chapter selection with gtk interface
>    Now, what do we need for a working 0.2.70 ? I'll have URI-like
>arguments working for network input, and Meuuh suggested a better
>Makefile generation. Also, getting the Gtk and Gnome interface features
>in sync would be nice.
>    Any other suggestions ?

* Fix most (if not all) of the bugs reported in the past days :
[if I forgot anything please remind me]

- A/V are out of sync for BeOS and ALSA audio outputs ;
- SDL plugin gets compiled even if SDL is not installed or if a too 
old version is installed ;
- "sound quality seems to be worse compared to 0.2.62 (high freqency
   echo noise the same, 'clicking' got worse, and there
   are other artifacts like the intro music track of
   'Usual suspects' dvd not keeping the tone - you know,
   up's and down's - whereas dialogue is OK)" 
(<200103120958.f2C9wIN05883 at mailgate3.cinetic.de>)
- Warnings with glibc 2.2 and gcc 3.0 (<01030923274802.19575 at beetle>) ;
- Fix field pictures scaling [you know, nitrox's code] ;

* Stabilize most ports :
[feedback appreciated]

- Linux/PPC : compiling, working, no feedback for DVD input, no 
feedback for the AC3 bug fix ;
- Linux/alpha : compiling, working (slow), no feedback for DVD input, 
alignment traps fixed (unconfirmed) ;
- BeOS : compiling, working, DVD input, native interface, audio and 
video output, A/V out of sync ;
- FreeBSD : compiling, working, no DVD input ;
- Solaris/Sparc : compiling, working (only one report), Makefile 
quirks needed ;
- MacOS X/Darwin : compiling, not working (dlsym problem).

Christophe Massiot.

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