MacOS X CSS descrambling port: status report

Samuel Hocevar sam at
Sun Mar 18 22:54:35 CET 2001

   Well, basically, I'm stuck. I know exactly the what to write in the
userland part, and how to interface it with the main vlc engine, but I
still didn't find a way to do key negociation with the DVD drive.

   The Darwin kernel has the DVD reportKey() and sendKey() functions,
but they are not exported to userland through the IOKit, like for
instance the CD play() and pause() functions. I asked for help on the
darwin-development mailing-list[1], and will wait until tomorrow for
someone knowledgeable to answer me. If I don't have an answer tomorrow,
I will start writing my own kernel driver, which may take a bit longer
but has still good chances to ship on time.


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