MacOS X/Darwin port status

Christophe Massiot massiot at
Wed Mar 21 00:11:36 CET 2001

1. Have vlc compile & run with dummy outputs - DONE
2. Have x11 plugin work - FAILED
    or alternatively have sdl plugin work - FAILED
3. Write a native audio output plugin - DONE
4. Port DeCSS-like features - IN PROGRESS [A]
5. Write a native video output plugin - IN PROGRESS
6. Write a native aqua interface - TODO
7. Write Altivec optimizations - IN PROGRESS [B]

* Status :

The latest cvs should compile flawlessly under MacOS X (untested 
under Darwin), provided you have installed the dl library :

vlc can then play .mpg or unencrypted .vob files. MPEG audio is 
reported to be working with CoreAudio (driver courtesy of Colin 
Delacroix). AC3 decoder seems to be broken (output different from 
Linux/PPC ??), we're investigating.

* Detailed comments :

[A] Samuel Hocevar <sam at> is working on it. He's trying to 
get access to key negociation functions.

[B] Altivec IDCT committed but not working, I'm on this ; Makefile 
and configure ready. Samuel Hocevar is working on runtime Altivec 

Christophe Massiot.

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