MacOS X/Darwin port status

Samuel Hocevar sam at
Sat Mar 17 02:41:05 CET 2001

On Sat, Mar 17, 2001, Christophe Massiot wrote:

> 4. Port DeCSS-like features - IN PROGRESS [D]
> [D] Samuel Hocevar <sam at> is working on it, any information 
> would be greatly appreciated.

   I started documenting on MacOS X kernel features and system headers,
and probably found what I needed[1]. I'm starting my tests right now,
first by trying to port the original DeCSS program, then by adapting it
to vlc. Exactly the same technique we used for the BeOS port.

   I'll post progress updates tomorrow.


[1] IOKit/storage/IODVDBlockStorageDevice.h

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