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Joshua D. Boyd jdboyd at
Sat May 12 08:19:55 CEST 2001

On Sat, 12 May 2001, Shane Harper wrote:

> I've been able to play DVDs with the latest CVS version of vlc. However, I
> often experience the problem you had (even with old versions of vlc). On a
> few occasions I've tried to "mount /dev/dvd" after this has occurred and
> mount has always failed. Sometimes ejecting the DVD and then putting it back
> in seems to fix the problem (otherwise, a reboot seems to work).

I can always mount the disk flawlessly.  Have been able to for weeks (ever
since installing the DVD drive).

> I suspect I have a faulty DVD drive (sometimes Windoze tells me there's no
> disc in my drive when there really is a disc inserted). It'd be nice if vlc
> could handle not being able to read a DVD in a better way.

I don't have windows, so I can't test it under that.

Joshua Boyd

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