Which compiler for the Win32 port ?

Xavier Marchesini xav at via.ecp.fr
Tue May 22 12:38:46 CEST 2001

On Mon, May 21, 2001, Gildas Bazin wrote:

> More people are now working on the Win32 port and funnily enough everybody
> seems to be working with a different compiler (Mingw32, Bcc, Microsoft
> visual C).

Arf :-)

> I'm not really keen on using anything else than Mingw32, and I suppose the
> other people involved would also like to keep using their favorite
> compiler. So unless the VideoLan team objects to this, we'll have to
> support all these compilers.

My opinion is that we SHOULD use only one compiler. That's why I
proposed Bcc, because it's free (not as MSVC), and your compiler is not
very widespread (well, that's the first time I heard of it) - and cross
compiling isn't very easy.

That's why I think we must use only one compiler. I can have a license
for MSVC, so I can use it, there are no problems with it. Gildas, can
you work with Visual ?

But this is only my opinion :)

I'd like, if possible, reorganize the way we are working, we are not
really effeicient (let's see the DirectX plugin, that was coded by
Gildas and I at the same moment)

So ... let's try to distribute the duties.

 - I'm gonna adapt the DirectDraw plugin (Gildas' version :) to the new
VideoOutput 4, as soon as sam has commited it. I'm also going to take a
look at the DirectSound support, maybe Dolby Surround support :-)

 - Babal is going to work on the Network Input. He'll see too if the
core of the VLC (threads, lockings) needs to be cleant to function
properly under Windows.

 - Gildas, could you try to fix the bugs that prevent from closing a
window correctly, etc ... ? If you got time, could you take a look at
SDL's bugs ?

 - Jon, could you try to port the DVD input for Win98 ?

Hope you will agree with those jobs :)


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