VLC 0.2.80-1

Nashirak Bossk bluhmcc at auburn.edu
Thu Nov 1 04:42:28 CET 2001

First of all I would like to thank all the developers for putting out a
great DVD player.  People are always shocked to see me running DVDS
on my GNU/Linux (Debian) system.  I do have one question.  I upgraded to
the 0.2.9-3 version of VLC and tried to get it to run...
it started up and everything (I heard the DVD drive hum...etc) but no
output came to the screen.  I had all the modules including the vlc-sdl
  Now the version before 0.2.9-3 (0.2.83) I had installed for a while,
but a couple of DVDs of mine would not work.  (Various Reasons).  The
only thing that was a major change from .2.80 to .2.83 (that I could
tell) was the encryption split.  To make a long story short, for some
reason 0.2.80-1 is the only version that completely works on my system
and runs all my DVDs (the DVDs that didnt work in 0.2.83 were Stargate
Special Ed.  and Terminator 2 Special addition).  Is this happening with
everyone or just me?  Thanks again for a great DVD player guys!


Clayton Bluhm

Computer Engineering Student

nashirak at a1.rhodesmill.org (personal)
bluhmcc at auburn.edu         (school)

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