vcd Input plugin.

Johan Bilien jobi at
Fri Nov 9 16:33:46 CET 2001

On Fri, Nov 09, 2001, Tony Castley wrote:
> Is there any plans to get this plugin to work with other platforms.  I only ask since it inlcudes 
> linux/cdrom.h .
> I would like to have this working under BeOS. 
> What calls are required from cdrom.h?  I may be able to implement BeOS versions of them.

It uses those ioctl calls ;
  * CDROMREADRAW to read a CD sector (even a MODE2 sector (2352 bytes)
  * CDROMREADTOCHDR to read the Table Of Content header of a CD
  * CDROMREADTOCHENTRY to read a Table Of Content entry (basically 
    a track's start end end position

It also uses those structures defines in linux/cdrom.h :

Contains the read TOC header :

struct cdrom_tochdr 	
	__u8	cdth_trk0;	/* start track */
	__u8	cdth_trk1;	/* end track */

Contains the read TOC entry :

struct cdrom_tocentry 
	__u8	cdte_track;
	__u8	cdte_adr	:4;
	__u8	cdte_ctrl	:4;
	__u8	cdte_format;
	union cdrom_addr cdte_addr;
	__u8	cdte_datamode;

Contains a cdrom position

struct cdrom_msf0		
	__u8	minute;
	__u8	second;
	__u8	frame;

As you can see they are very simple

What is linux specific is in linux_cdrom_tools.c. I guess the same
funcions are awailable under every OS, so it should be quite easy to


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