[iPAQ port] libmad audio decoder

Jean-Paul Saman jpsaman at wxs.nl
Fri Nov 23 18:04:09 CET 2001

Update: I just uploaded a newer version with date 23 November 2001. The
audio sync is a lot better and also a lot of the audio ticks are gone.
This weekend or early next week I'll produce an familiar package ipk for

Jean-Paul Saman.

Jean-Paul Saman wrote:
> Based on Henri Fallon's decoder modularization work in file
> "vlc-20011108-mod1.tar.gz", libmad is added as an audio decoder. The
> source can be found at:
> http://home.wxs.nl/~jpsaman/ choose videolan in the menu and get
> vlc-devel-libmad-0.14.2b-20011120.tgz
> Current status:
> + compile and configure libmad from extras/libmad. From top-level
> directory do make libmad (this copies libmad.a to lib/, so it can be
> linked with mad_adec in the same way vlc uses.
> + audio is out of sync with video (date/timestamp is made at wrong
> moment)
> + audio dropouts can still occur
> + cleaning up of audio output with smoothing and scaling algorithms
> needed.
> An iPaq package can be found at: http://home.wxs.nl/~jpsaman/ the
> package is named vlc_0.2.90_arm.ipk
> The arm compiled source code version is at the same page. I called it
> vlc-devel-libmad-0.14.2b-20011121-armv4l.tgz
> It has x11, gtk, mad_adec (libmad audio decoder) and dsp support.
> On Intel audio is also out of sync with the video, this needs to be
> fixed. However I'm not sure how it should be synced in vlc. There are
> two functions an libmad_input and a libmad_output. Currently a date
> stamp is set in this way (as lpcm_adec does), but there it happens
> before decoding the frame. Now it is done after decoding a frame in
> libmad_output, as result out of sync with video.
> if( DECODER_FIFO_START(*p_mad_adec->p_fifo)->i_pts )
> {
>  p_mad_adec->p_aout_fifo->date[p_mad_adec->p_aout_fifo->l_end_frame] =
>             DECODER_FIFO_START(*p_mad_adec->p_fifo)->i_pts;
>        DECODER_FIFO_START(*p_mad_adec->p_fifo)->i_pts = 0;
> }
> else
> {
>  p_mad_adec->p_aout_fifo->date[p_mad_adec->p_aout_fifo->l_end_frame] =
>         LAST_MDATE;
> }
> I guess it should be done in libmad_input, but using the same code in
> there triggers a crash. How does syncing work in vlc ? (especially with
> the new decoder plugin structure).
> Greetings,
> Jean-Paul Saman

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