MacOSX fixes

Florian G. Pflug fgp at
Mon Nov 26 23:00:07 CET 2001


I got vlc to compile on OSX again. Playing a VOB file works (at least it
didn't crash for me. It'd be gratefull if some other people could test).

Playing a dvd still crashed - in NextDataPacket.

Here are the things I changed.
	.) fixed some include paths in extras/libdvdread.
		Most of the files there did '#includ <dvdread/...>', while I believe 
		'#include "..."' to correct.

	.) bswap.h needs to include "defs.h", not just "config.h", because
		"defs.h" is were "WORD_BIGENDIAN" is defined.

	.) On Darwin, there is no off64_t, lseek64, stat64. I put somethine like
		#ifdef SYS_DARWIN
		#define off64_t off_t
		in dvdread.c to fix this.

I haven't commited this yet, but it should be in CVS by tomorrow (I want to
see if I can fix the dvd-input first)

greetings, phlo

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