MacOSX fixes

Florian G. Pflug fgp at
Mon Nov 26 23:32:50 CET 2001

sorry to answer my own mail..

> Playing a dvd still crashed - in NextDataPacket.
> I haven't commited this yet, but it should be in CVS by tomorrow (I want to
> see if I can fix the dvd-input first)

I commited the changes now. Playing dvds (from /dev/rdisk1) still crashes in

Looks like p_bit_stream->p_data->p_next would point to nowhere (but it's not
NULL). When p_bit_stream->p_data becomes p_bit_stream->p_data->p_next (on
line 134 in input_ext-dec.c), p_bit_stream->p_data is invalid,
which leads to a crash in the while-loop condition
(p_bit_stream->p_data->p_payload_start ==

At have no idea why p_data->p_next is bogus - Could someone with more
background on the decoder structure give me a hand?

greetings, Florian Pflug

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