VLC and Altivec

Michel Lanners mlan at cpu.lu
Wed Sep 12 08:22:53 CEST 2001

On  12 Sep, this message from Christophe Massiot echoed through cyberspace:
> À (At) 8:05 +0200 11/09/01, Michel Lanners écrivait (wrote) :
>>There are one or two things that should go into CVS right away; the rest
>>is WIP:
> Done. Where do you use your malloc-aligned.h ? It doesn't seem to be 
> included anywhere.

I hacked it in at the top of "defs.h", but since that file is
machine-generated, it's not the right place. I haven't investigated on
what would be a better place, nor where I need to put it so that it gets
included in the auto-generated defs.h.

The wizardry of configure scripts is beyond me at this time ;-)



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