Marc Gregoire Marc.Gregoire at esat.kuleuven.ac.be
Fri Sep 21 14:50:19 CEST 2001


We are going to use vlc in a project at our univ. departement, but we
need to alter it a bit. We need to be able to save the currently
displayed picture to a file. Can someone point me out where to look in
the code? I saw something like a p_rendered_pic or something and that
struct has members p_y, p_u, p_v. can i just save does datablocks to
file and recombine them to a ppm? I've tried this, but if i export p_y
and convert it to a ppm, i get something green and apparenlty the green
image is as large as the video frame, but the actually image inside that
green image is half the size and appears twice. (take a look at the jpg
to see what i mean)
Is there a way to convert the yuv data in vlc to rgb? I've found a
function called void _M( ConvertY4Gray8 )( YUV_ARGS_8BPP ), but how do i
use it?

Marc Gregoire

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