CVS Commit: vlc

Gildas Bazin gbazin at
Wed Apr 17 02:26:03 CEST 2002

On Tuesday 16 April 2002 23:38, Christophe Massiot wrote:
> I think we should have all types of buffers use the same pitch, 
> otherwise it's gonna be a nightmare.

The problem is that we might not have any choice at all here.

Ok, we can do what we want with memory buffers but I'm not sure it's wise 
to make the assumption that the stride for all the direct buffers will be 
identical. It should be in most cases, but I can already see a few cases 
were I'm pretty sure it won't be.

Take DirectX for example. When you create a DirectDraw surface (name of a 
picture buffer) you might end up with the surface being created in video 
memory, agp memory or system memory and they won't necessarily have the 
same restrictions hence the same pitch.


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