0.3.1 Poor Mac OS X performance...

Dave Thorup dthorup at corda.com
Wed Apr 24 18:51:53 CEST 2002

I just tried out VLC 0.3.1 (Christophe Massiot's "NO WARRANTY" snapshot as
well as 0.3.0 before that) to compare it with 0.2.92.  I was shocked to see
how bad the performance of 0.3.x is compared to 0.2.92.  The video playback
actually seems to be about the same as it does on 0.2.92, but the audio is
horrible.  It is constantly skipping and the frequency often seems too high
(like it's trying to play it faster to catch up with the video or
something).  These problems were not present in 0.2.92 where the audio was
just fine.  I'd like to do some development myself and help fix problems
like these, but I don't have the time right now.  :(

My configuration is a PowerBook G3 Lombard using a Powerlogix BlueChip LS
G4/500MHz w/1MB 2:1 Cache; running at 1024x768 in Thousands of colors.  So I
would think that the processor is plenty powerful enough to run VLC.  Maybe
it's just the lack of QuickTime support for my video card?  Is there any
QuickTime acceleration used for rgb->yuv transformations that could be done
using AltiVec?  Perhaps QuickTime could be disabled and AltiVec could be
used instead?

Thanks for the great work overall, I've been very impressed with this


Dave Thorup
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