Question regarding subtitiles.

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> Dear Sigmund,
> Thanks a lot for the information. The information in archive was helpful. If
> I am  right, I will have to use the SPUdec as a proxy and call my own
> decoder functions from there. It is however, not crystal clear as to how I
> am going to do it.
> The problem is that I am having a text stream and I want to make a decoder
> that will extract the text from the stream and display it along with the
> video on the display.
> I am trying to display text along with video on the video display window.
> Can vout_print() in the video_text.c file be used for this purpose?
> Any help on the above will be highly appreciated.

Look at this code
It works somewhat. It's functionality needs to be improved quite a bit, but
it is a start.
Main showstopper is not being able to handle multiple inputs at the moment:
video file, subtitle file

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