was Bug in vlc 0.4.4 windows XP version(different way but the same pop up bug)

Olivier Teulière ipkiss at via.ecp.fr
Wed Aug 28 10:38:29 CEST 2002

On Tue, Aug 27, 2002, lacubapiggy at netscape.net wrote:
> 1. the movie plays ok.....but with infinite loop of error message
>    windows
> 2. the error message window is "Intfwin" 
>    with message of "Rich edit insertion error"

We need some more information to help you.

Does this happen with every file opened or with a special
one ?
Could you send us the log file ? You can get one with
View-->Messages, and if it doesn't work you can run "vlc --intf=logger

You could also try to change the maximum number of lines in the log
window, to see if the bug persists (in the Preferences, select the
"Interface" tab page, click on "intfwin" then on "Configure")

> BTW, is there any way to build binary on my own in windows platform ?
> thanks for any clue.

Yes, see the INSTALL.txt file in your installation directory. And good



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