scrubbing and licensing questions

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Wed Aug 28 16:32:42 CEST 2002


I never posted here, so I will introduce myself quickly. My name is
Stephan Assmus, and I work on the BeOS interface plugin together with
Tony Castly.

The BeOS interface used to lock up VLC when trying to scrub in the
stream. I fixed this, and it works alright (most of the times). While
seeking into the stream works well enough, the actual scrubbing looks
not as cool as you might expect. Is this normal behaviour (I don't have
other systems to compare it with), or is scrubbing supposed to be
reasonably fluent? Is this something that has changed in 0.5.0 (I'm
working on 0.4.3)? Can someone explain the details and design behind
scrubbing or are there any docs?

My second question is about licensing. If I write any code, that I want
to use later in one of my closed source projects, is this Ok as long as
I am the only Author of the complete part of code in question? Also,
what about code, that I use (and thus open source) in VLC, that
originates from one of  my closed source projects. Am I still free to
continue using my code in the closed source projects?

Thanks a bunch and best regards,

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