[vlc-devel] Overloading

Stephane van Hardeveld stephane at virtuosomedia.nl
Mon Dec 9 16:45:24 CET 2002

Hi all,

I am trying to create some demux plugin for our MPEG PS streams. I succeeded in parsing our
PSM look-alike and create decode threads etc. I even succeeded in creating video on screen and
audio from the speakers (if I am able to do this, the code-base must be built really good and structured :) )
However, now I need to do something special just before calling 'input_DecodePES( p_es->p_decoder_fifo, p_pes )'
namely descramble the pes payload. I could of course include all functions of mpeg_system.c into my plugin,
but I was wondering whether it is possible to use some form of overloading or function table and just change the
used Decode_PES function.

Stephane van Hardeveld

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