[vlc-devel] Re: RTP

Jean-Paul Saman jpsaman at wxs.nl
Sat Dec 14 14:04:41 CET 2002

irina Panaiotova wrote:
> Hallo Jean-Paul,
> yes, the client works terrific with UDP, audio and video without problems.
> I tested the broadcast, unicast, multicast and http options, too.
> With --rtp function I saw that the server sends packets to the client, they 
> reached it but the client doesn't play the stream.

Great now we know your vls server, network and client setup are allright.

> It seems that it doesn't recognise the RTP-packets or the TS (transport 
> stream).But I always use the same video and it works with --loop for example.
> I have SUSE 8.1. and the latest version of VideoLan client and server.I use 
> the gtk-GUI.

If you use vlc-0.4.6 as client then it should work.

> On the client side I used the default settings.
> Could you please tell me what exactly I have to change in the configuration to 
> get RTP running?

On the vls start the same stream as you used with UDP testing and add 
--rtp to the start command, like this:

bozo > start mystream1 mychannel1 myinput1 --rtp

This starts a SPTS stream that is encapsulated inside RTP packets. On 
the client side you start vlc (from the commandline as):

$> vlc -vvvvvvv rtp://@:1234

Use -vvvvvvv and catch the output logging when the stream is not 
displayed properly and mail it on the mailing list. Then we can 
hopefully see what went wrong.

> Best regards,
> Irina

Jean-Paul Saman.

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