[vlc-devel] Re: RTP

Jean-Paul Saman jpsaman at wxs.nl
Mon Dec 16 21:09:58 CET 2002

Irina Panaiotova wrote:
> Hallo Jean-Paul,
> The output from $> vlc -vvvvvvv rtp://@:1234 is:
> ---------------------------------------------------
> intf: playlist initialized
> intf: added `rtp://@:1234' to playlist
> module: locking memcpy module `memcpymmxext'
> module: locking interface module `gtk'
> intf: interface initialized
> intf: creating new input thread
> input: playlist item `rtp://@:1234'
> thread info: 1026 (input) has been created
> (src/input/input.c:197)
> input: access `rtp', demux `', name `@:1234'
> module error: requested access module `rtp'
> unavailable
> input error: no suitable access plug-in for
> `rtp/:@:1234'
> thread info: 1026 has been joined ((unknown):0)
> ----------------------------------------------------
> It looks like I have not the module. 

Correct !

> I used these
> RPMs:vlc-0.4.6-1.i586.rpm, vlc-mad-0.4.6-1.i586.rpm,
> vlc-gtk-0.4.6-1.i586.rpm, vlc-sdl-0.4.6-1.i586.rpm,
> vlc-esd-0.4.6-1.i586.rpm and the libraries libdvdcss
> and libdvbpsi. 
> Under Windows I saw in Miscelaneous RTP-Modul that I
> haven't under Linux in Miscelaneous.I watched the
> RTP-video under Windows with vlc rtp:@Address:1234,
> although there is message at the server side "Read
> error for program ..." when the video stops.

The linux RPM packages seems not to be build with rtp plugin enabled. 
The Windows package is!

> How could I get the RTP-modul for Linux too?

There you posted to the development list I think you are not afraid of 
building it yourself ;-) with rtp builtin.

> What could be the problem with read program at the
> end? As attachment I'm sending the output message from
> windows client when the video stops and the error
> message at the server side shows up.

It looks like the computer is losing a lot of frames. How fast is the 
windows computer ?

Jean-Paul Saman

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