[vlc-devel] Re: $LANG and Mac OS X

Andreas Monitzer vlc at monitzer.com
Sun Dec 29 14:12:31 CET 2002

On Sunday, Dec 29, 2002, at 11:45 Europe/Vienna, Stephan Assmus wrote:

> How about a permanent setting, that defaults to whatever $LANG is set
> to, or English, if it's not set. The permanent setting (adjustable
> somewhere in the GUI) would then override the default choice. Maybe
> many parts of VLC were not designed with this in mind, but it is
> possible (and desirable/nice) to have such a change take effect
> instantly. Having to restart the application though would be
> acceptable.

What about using the language set in System Preferences/International 
on Mac OS X (in correct order when some lang isn't available)?
NSBundle's +preferredLocalizationsFromArray: is able to provide that 


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