[vlc-devel] Re: $LANG and Mac OS X

Stephan Assmus stippi at yellowbites.com
Sun Dec 29 11:45:51 CET 2002

> Dear friends,
> Localization support works very well under OS X, but apparently $LANG 
> isn't automatically set on all systems. On my system for instance, 
> LANG=fr, but I have at least one other user who claims that $LANG is 
> unset. (BTW if anyone know when and why $LANG is set...)
> We may have this problem on other OSes as well (Win32 ?), so we need 
> to find a solution. I thought of a --lang configuration variable, but 
> apparently many strings are loaded before the configuration is 
> parsed, so the application would be half-translated.
> Any suggestion ?

How about a permanent setting, that defaults to whatever $LANG is set 
to, or English, if it's not set. The permanent setting (adjustable 
somewhere in the GUI) would then override the default choice. Maybe 
many parts of VLC were not designed with this in mind, but it is 
possible (and desirable/nice) to have such a change take effect 
instantly. Having to restart the application though would be 


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