BeOS: CVS/dev: two errors found...

Samuel Hocevar sam at
Wed Feb 13 22:56:28 CET 2002

On Wed, Feb 13, 2002, Rudolf Cornelissen wrote:

> Is this non-working subtitles BeOS specific or VLC-wide at the moment?

   I found out it was a very simple mistake which prevented subtitles to
work when software rendering was being used. It'll be fixed in a short

> Of course, one long-standing problem is the audio/video sync. As you will 
> know, audio is much to late. Which is to be expected, because audio is 
> delayed by the circular audio buffer by 8192 examples on average

   This is an excellent piece of information. We are changing our audio
API to take buffer delay into account, but I didn't know the value of
this delay under BeOS. Hopefully something can be done here.

   Alternatively, you can use the --desync <millisec> option to delay
the audio. Note that this option is currently buggy and you should enter
a microsec value until it is fixed.

> One more question though: is Tony Castley off the project? Or will he be 
> continuing in the future again? (I hope he's OK...)

   I don't know. He's been contributing a lot of code, but we never
really talked, so I don't know what he's currently doing.

> 1. aout_beos.cpp: you forget to init some vars. They still have to be
> there, because if I place them back-in the sound is on speed and does
> not skip anymore.

> 2. Another error has sneaked into the vout_beos.cpp file: The vout
> window is two pixels to broad and two pixels to high as mentioned on
> the command line if you use VLC in verbose mode. (you can also see
> this in the output window if you look closely)

   Thanks a lot for the rest of your comments, I will commit them to the
CVS tree ASAP.

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