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Jens Winkler mjwin at
Thu Feb 14 23:18:04 CET 2002

vlc-devel at schrieb am 13.02.02:
> On Wed, Feb 13, 2002, Rudolf Cornelissen wrote:
>> Of course, one long-standing problem is the audio/video sync. As you 
>> will know, audio is much to late. Which is to be expected, because 
>> audio is delayed by the circular audio buffer by 8192 examples on 
>> average
>  This is an excellent piece of information. We are changing our audio
> API to take buffer delay into account, but I didn't know the value of
> this delay under BeOS. Hopefully something can be done here.

Please be aware that this is not necessarily a fixed value in BeOS. The actual buffer size depends on the Media prefs setting (i.e. if real-time audio is enabled or not) and on what the audio driver for your soundcard uses. However, since BeOS R4.5 there is the possibility to query the audio driver for the actual buffer size it uses through ioctl().

Jens W.

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