d. dwinter at dslextreme.com
Fri Feb 15 15:19:38 CET 2002

  Hello, in my effort to get a DVD  movie player for OS/2  I  came
across you web site and
was hearten to think that we (os/2 users) would have  such a program.
Not so as I did
not see any reference to OS/2, so I am sending this  email letting you
1. know about
us, and 2. letting you know that we  might be able to port your program
to   os/2.
  1. If you   know nothing about os/2  you should know that  os/2 is an
IBM   os
      thats been in use since 1991. It is a very stable, fast, OS, with
a    32bit memory,
      and can be run on any of the newer cpu as well as  older 386\486 .

 2.  We do lack some  software, as fewer companies write for OS/2, not
that there
      is any lack of good  software,
 3.  there are at this time many programers, and devleopers working on
       projects one of which is called Odin, which is an attept to port
windose api, dll's
       and such to OS/2 . Odin has an exacutable that when run on
certain windows  programs
       renders an os/2  equivalent.
   Let me say I am nither a developer or programer. But last night I
downloaded your
windows version of LiVid and ran  it  thru the Odin (pe) this gave me a
software package
that might be able to run under OS/2.  After clicking on or typing into
the command line
a small  program   object appeared on my desktop.   Actually on the
outline and the
header bar appeared, but the   window was not stable, as it   would
disappear and reappear
and of course  no controls showed.
     Would anyone from your group work with me, or   an os/2 developer
and  find out
what is needed to get this working.
please reply to this email address..
thank you
best of luck
ps.. sorry I am referring to the videoLan stand alone player for DVD..
Also Odins' home page is
thank you again

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