Samuel Hocevar sam at zoy.org
Thu Feb 14 20:41:35 CET 2002

On Fri, Feb 15, 2002, d. wrote:

>  3. there are at this time many programers, and devleopers working on
> different projects one of which is called Odin, which is an attept to
> port windose api, dll's and such to OS/2 . Odin has an exacutable that
> when run on certain windows programs renders an os/2 equivalent.

   An OS/2 user (and developer) who wants to remain anonymous already
contacted me a few months ago about vlc and OS/2. I installed OS/2
to start having a look at it, but it was a real pain and I must have
screwed it because now the poor little beast doesn't even boot anymore.

>    Let me say I am nither a developer or programer. But last night I
> downloaded your windows version of LiVid and ran it thru the Odin (pe)
> this gave me a software package that might be able to run under OS/2.

   Using Odin isn't probably the best approach. vlc is well designed,
shipped with source code, and modular enough to get ported by someone
with a little OS/2 knowledge.

>      Would anyone from your group work with me, or an os/2 developer
> and find out what is needed to get this working.

   Several people on the vlc-devel mailing-list, including me, can
definitely help on this topic. First step to my mind is to port at least
include/threads.h and include/mtime.h and try to compile the vlc core,
without even plugin support, then we can think about DVD input (raw
ATAPI and/or SCSI commands will be needed).


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