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Christophe Massiot massiot at
Wed Feb 20 00:58:21 CET 2002

À (At) 21:28 +0100 19/02/02, Gildas Bazin écrivait (wrote) :

>A release would indeed be welcome.
>What is the state of vlc right now?

I have no idea, I don't use it :-).

>I mean what needs to be fixed before a
>release and what is currently worked on?
>Could we make a little todo list for the release?

That was indeed the purpose of my mail. I think all ports should be 
okay, except QNX Photon. Sam is working on fixing bugs related to 
vout IV. I am currently in the middle of a major rewrite of the input 
(that's the reason why I'm happier when no one commits in it...) 
which will bring many things, including access layer abstraction, 
auto-detection of input type, or even play backwards. Input III will 
take a some time and will bring many bugs, so it probably won't make 
it for the coming release.

>I will begin with what I'm working on:
>- complete rewrite of the configuration module (which was almost inexistant
>anyway ;-). It will make plugins specific configuration a breeze and will
>finally implement a config file :) (will hopefully be ready in about 2 weeks)

I do not know if it is prone to breaking things, or if it will be 
ready by the feature freeze.

>- it would also be nice to have a little bit of testing on the win32 port
>before doing a release. The problem is that nobody wants to bother compiling
>the win32 port so it gets only tested after the release.

This is indeed a major problem. That's the reason why, for the 
previous release (0.2.92), we have made binary pre-releases which 
allowed users to test VLC on foreign platforms, and a STABLE branch 
to check in patches which aren't prone to breaking things. I don't 
know what else we can do.

I guess our next step is to fork the CVS for the next stable branch.

Christophe Massiot.

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