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Jean-Paul Saman saman at
Thu Feb 21 16:11:47 CET 2002

Sigmund Augdal wrote:
>>   Woops, sorry. Fixed. But isn't there a way to have lirc_nextcode()
>>timeout after a specified delay ? Blocking like this is a pretty
>>annoying behaviour.
> I agree and tried to look into that. lirc_nextcode() has noe timeout 
> option. It seems that it uses read() to read from the lirc-socket, and i 
> susspect that this is where it sleeps. read() also has noe timeout 
> options, but to be honest my knowledge is rapidly runnig out here.
> I thougth maybe I could make another interface-plugin do the dirty work, 
> but looking at the existing code I found little room for running two 
> interface-plugins at once, but didn't somone say that this was planed?
> Sigmund 

Do a non-blocking read

 From "man open"
               When  possible,  the file is opened in non-blocking

Then you could use a polling method to do your own timeout mechanism
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