Enabling MP3 support in vlc

Jean-Paul Saman jpsaman at wxs.nl
Wed Jan 9 21:36:55 CET 2002

Christophe Massiot wrote:
> À (At) 15:29 +0100 6/01/02, Jean-Paul Saman écrivait (wrote) :
> >Now libmad is supported by vlc I would like to enable MP3 support. From
> >documentation I get that in src/input/input_program.c (function
> >input_SelectES) should be extended to support the new file type. I
> Not exactly. input_SelectES only needs to know about new ES types (ES
> == Elementary Stream), and there we don't need to do anything since
> an MPEG-1 layer III stream is of type MPEG1_AUDIO_ES.
> >suspect that vlc also has to be taught that a certain file is a MP3
> >file. Which files are responsible for file format recogniztion?
> There are two things in an .mp3 file : an mp3 header and an mp3
> elementary stream. The mp3 elementary stream should go just fine.
> What you need to do is to adapt plugins/mpeg_system/input_es.c to
> read the mp3 header as well. We will probably need to talk about this
> some more.
> --
> Christophe Massiot.
In which function are the file header examinated ? In ESRead or should
ESSetProgram be told that a certain header needs a mad decoder?

If mp3 ES stream is of type MPEG1_AUDIO_ES then the ESDemux should not
need any adaption. Am I correct? 

Jean-Paul Saman

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