BeOS fails to compile

Gildas Bazin gbazin at
Sat Jan 19 21:51:51 CET 2002

On Wednesday 16 January 2002 11:06, Tony Castley wrote:
> Since the new vout structure I have been unable to compile the BeOS 
> version.  
> The linking fails with:
> undefined reference to `DeactivateModule__MODULE_beos'
> src/misc/modules.o(.text+0x1071): undefined reference to 
> `ActivateModule__MODULE_beos'
> src/misc/modules.o(.text+0x1078): undefined reference to 
> `InitModule__MODULE_beos'                                      
> Where should these functions be, how/where are they defined, what should 
> they do?

If these problems were related to the new plugins initialization code they 
might be solved now. Can you try again please ?


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