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Larry Shields larry at
Sat Jul 13 19:43:16 CEST 2002

Thanks very much for explaining it to me, I kind of thought that was 
what they were, but just to make sure I wanted to ask, now I know...

Once again thanks for the reply...


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Loïc Minier wrote:

> Larry Shields <larry at> - Sat, Jul 13, 2002:
>>Could someone explain to me when these Updates come out, what does one
>>need to do to get the updates installed, etc...???
>   These are automatic mails generated when a developper commits
> something into the CVS repository.  The CVS repository holds
> all versions of vlc, especially the latest one.  If you want
> debian/rpm/macosx packages you will have to wait until a release to get
> new ones, built on the latest CVS (or make them by yourself).
>   See the download and CVS sections of the website for help on getting
> the latest CVS or packages:
>   <>
>   <>


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