[~OT]: doc compilation

Xavier MAILLARD zedek at fxgsproject.org
Sun Jul 14 07:55:17 CEST 2002

Hello world,

Just a few words to let me ask what are the exact names of paquets
needed for doc compilation (developer doc).

I guess I have the whole set installed concerning jade and consors but
when trying to compile, the jade command dumps many error messages and
stop when it reaches about 200 errors. I tried to override the error
number (by passing -E) but nothing really cool happened :)

So what I am still missing ?

This is a short extract of the errors: 

jade:gfdl.xml:231:15:E: element "listitem" undefined
jade:gfdl.xml:231:21:E: element "para" undefined
jade:gfdl.xml:241:15:E: element "listitem" undefined
jade:gfdl.xml:241:21:E: element "para" undefined
jade:gfdl.xml:251:15:E: element "listitem" undefined
jade:gfdl.xml:251:21:E: element "para" undefined
jade:gfdl.xml:258:15:E: element "listitem" undefined
jade:gfdl.xml:258:21:E: element "para" undefined


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