Saving input stream to disk

Roy Sigurd Karlsbakk roy at
Fri Jul 19 15:53:10 CEST 2002

> IIRC this tool only strips away all TS headers, but does not add PS
> headers. I belive the resulting file won't even play with vlc. (But does
> with some other players.)

I really don't know the details of what ts2ps does, but after using it, mpgtx 
tells me the below. It also works fine with vlc :-)

[roy at roy-sin ps]$ mpgtx -i harry_potter.mpg
  Mpeg 2 Program Stream File [Video/Audio]
  Muxrate : 4.00 Mbps
  Estimated Duration: 02:26:08.75s
  Aspect ratio 4/3 (TV)
  Interlaced, chroma format: 4:2:0
  Size [352 x 576]     25.00 fps    4.00 Mbps
  Audio : Mpeg 1 layer 2
  224 kbps  44100 Hz
  Stereo,  No emphasis

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