Stupid question ??

Xavier MAILLARD zedek at
Tue Jul 23 00:04:49 CEST 2002

Hello fellow developers !

As I was asked by a guy how advanced was my work on Ogg/Vorbis, I was
asking me whether it was possible to have films in general with vorbis
encoded sound. Maybe it is stupid but it is a question I can't answer
alone :) 

Is there any chances that one day I meet avi (for example) video with
vorbis encoded sound ??

That's all !


P.S: BTW, ogg/vorbis is far from being usable for instance as this is my
     first attempt in making an audio demux/decoder for a project :) 
     But I'm working hard on it and reading the vlc source code is
     really long (there is no devel doc "up-to-date" for instance :)
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