Problem Installing vlc on Mac OSX

David Weber david_weber at
Tue Jul 23 10:45:27 CEST 2002

hi afro puff,

you have to compile libdvdcss first. on macosx you have use 
--with-dvdcss-tree=<path/where/libdvdcss/was/built>. --disable-dvd is 
not needed.


On Dienstag, Juli 23, 2002, at 01:40  Uhr, Afro Puff wrote:

> so I tried to add those commands (--disable-dvd, --with-
> dvdcss=<path/where/libdvdcss/was/installed>, and I also tried 
> --with-dvdcss-tree=<path/where/libdvdcss/was/built> where replaced the 
> <path/where/libdvdcss/was/built> by dragging the folder libdvdcss-1.2.1 
> into the terminal and it kept giving me the same error message 
> displayed above.


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