[ANN] vlc 0.4.1

Marc ARIBERTI marcari at via.ecp.fr
Tue Jun 4 16:38:50 CEST 2002

   The VideoLAN team is happy to announce version 0.4.1 of VLC, the
VideoLAN Client, a multimedia player for MPEG, DVD and DivX under
various operating systems.

   Version 0.4.1 features the following changes:

  * Support for AVI files with AC3 audio.
  * Additional MMX optimizations in the video decoder.
  * Improved Win32 interface with new icons and an eject button.
  * Lots of bugfixes for slanted subtitles, bad colors in RGB mode,
  non-ASCII characters in MacOS X filenames, a playlist crash under
  BeOS, a memory leak in the Win32 port, and a few remaining crashes.

   The full ChangeLog is at : http://www.videolan.org/vlc/changelog.html

   You can download VLC 0.4.1 via HTTP or FTP :


   Tarballs are available, as well as x86 Debian, RPM, and Windows
packages, and a MacOS X package. Binary builds for architectures and
distributions not yet available are welcome and can be uploaded to our
incoming directory:


   And do not forget our mirror site:



For the VideoLAN team,
marcari at videolan.org

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