VLC Win32 binary is infected with Troj/Momma-B virus

Sam Hart hart at physics.arizona.edu
Fri Jun 7 16:05:19 CEST 2002

On Fri, 7 Jun 2002, Fantino Maurizio wrote:

> I've just tried with Sophos and I've found the trojan still in the 0.3.1
> version :-(

Well, I think everyone else is right saying that Sophos is mis-identifying 
it, and the problem seems to be that the Nullsoft installer has some 
component that Sophos interprets as Troj/Momma-B. This means that this 
effects other apps using NSIS (others will be mis-identified).

But it doesn't have the virus, because even after installing the app, the 
appropriate registry entries aren't added.

So in case anyone reports this again, at least you guys know what the 
problem is and can tell people not to worry about it. (And us over at 
Tux4Kids can do the same if we get similar reports ;-)

I have reported it to Sophos... but haven't heard anything back yet.

Sam Hart
University/Work addr. <hart at physics.arizona.edu>
Personal addr. <criswell at geekcomix.com>

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