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Wed Jun 26 11:15:50 CEST 2002

Sigmund Augdal <sigmunau at> writes:

> Spending some time on #videolan I get the impression that there are some
> problems with the mandrake packages. First, if the vlc-mad plugin is
> required by the vlc package, the why are these separate packages?
> Second, the vlc package requires which no package provides
> (that I can find) and which is not built by default when compiling
> a52dec. My last sugestion is to have the vlc package suggest and not
> require vlc-gui, since it does not require vlc-gui. I think this may be
> worth building new 0.4.1 mandrake packages for, but it may wait for
> 0.4.2.

* for
26/06 11:03 yves at rouge ~% urpmf
so the liba52dec0 rpm provides the good lib. when you urpmi it, liba52dec0 is
* vlc-gui:
there is no suggest tag in RPM as in .deb. I do not like it too, but that is how
life is. So for the new user, i putted a vlc-gui dependance to let watch
smoothly their DVDs. This was introduced for Mdk, cause too many users does
not know how to launch vlc without the gui. We can remove it for videolan spec
file if you want.
* vlc-mad:
mad plugins is required to watch MPEG4 (DivX) films. I let it in a separate
lugin, if people want to rebuilt the rpm without it and to mimic the deb
packages. For the rpms in mkd, i want MPEG4 support out of box, so requires.
same thing we can change it for videolan.

To sum up:
- they are mandrake rpms, so use it on mandrake box.
- use nowadays tools aka urpmi
- the specfile is a simple cp of the one i use for mdk, we can maintain two
spec files if my choice for mdk are not good for the videolan cvs users.
Yves Duret
yduret at
piouk toujours et meme apres !

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