Possible developments.

The DJ hartman at mac.com
Wed Jun 26 15:28:09 CEST 2002

For anyone feeling bored. I'm working on Subtitle support now. So I don't
have time for this. It would be nice to have some of this stuff though.

These are other things that might be added to vlc.

- .mov file support. -> Based on one of these?

- .mp4 file support.

- ASF support.

- OGG support. That shouldn't be too hard. Libogg and libvorbis ??

- WMA support -> Maybe a port of this XMMS plugin?

- Real support. A bit tough. v1 is available somewhere. Libavcodec, so then
we already support it trough ffmpeg?
v2 and v3 can only be supported by usinging the linux or bsd binaries from
realplayer itself. No opensource solution that I know of.

- Sorenson support. Same story. No opensource solution that I know of.

- 3ivx support. I believe this is in or is going to be in ffmpeg??

- AAC support.

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