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Rich Birch ringo at
Mon Mar 4 15:40:26 CET 2002

>    Audio is still reported to be ugly on some architectures, though it
> has become far better for a lot of people. Some feedback on the subject
> would be nice: who has still got sound issues? with what soundcard
> model? and who got her issues solved?

Current CVS plays sound pretty much perfectly for me, both using the a52 
plugin and with out it. I get the odd crackle, but very infrequently ie, 
every 5 or 10 mins at most.

In version 0.2.92 audio was very 'warbly' so I tried using the a52dec plugin. 
This solved the warble but instead i was getting a crackle/stutter for a 
split second, every 15 - 30 seconds.

One observation i have currently is that if i play Toystory II from the 
beginning of the dvd, it outputs the following error message after running 
through the first title (containing 2 chapters each approx 1 second long):

dvd error: can't find sector
dvd error: can't find next cell

and doesn't play anything. However if I specify any title other than the 
first everything is fine.

fully updated Redhat 7.2
Athlon XP 1700
256MB ram
I have onboard sound which is a via8233 chip, and as there's no support in 
the kernel for it, I use ALSA drivers which work very well.

Keep up the excellent work

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