bug in input when filename has a '@' character in its name.

Jean-Paul Saman jpsaman at wxs.nl
Mon Mar 4 21:58:14 CET 2002

A small bug is encountered in the new input mechanism, when using "odd'
names for files.

If I do this,

vlc --vout sdl "../terminator_192x240 at 750.mpg"

VideoLAN Client - version 0.2.92-dev_2002-03-04 Ourumov - (c) 1996-2002
input error: cannot stat() device `../terminator_240x192' (No such file
or directory)
input error: cannot stat() file `../terminator_240x192' (No such file or
input error: unknown command `../terminator_240x192'
module error: requested demux module `vlc' unavailable
input error: no suitable demux plug-in for

The '@' is given a special meaning even when udpstream/udp4/udp6 etc. is
not suppliec in front of the name. I do not think this is the intended
behaviour. Please fix it.

Jean-Paul Saman.

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