moving CVS commits to another list?

Christophe Massiot massiot at
Fri May 3 00:20:06 CEST 2002

À (At) 11:11 +0200 1/05/2002, Jean-Paul Saman écrivait (wrote) :

>>    I thought moving CVS commits to another list such as vlc-checkins or
>>vlc-cvs might help having more discussions between developers instead of
>>being spammed by the CVS bot. A lot of developer discussions are taking
>>place privately and it might help having more on-topic discussions. What
>>do you think?
>I like it the way it is, CVS and devel discussions together. Moving 
>vlc-cvs messages to another list does not encourage discussion. 
>Currently vlc-cvs messages has not reached the spam level yet for me.

I must say that I agree with Jean-Paul on this matter. For me, 
technical discussions and cvs are closely linked, and discussing one 
without having the other doesn't make much sense. Besides, there are 
already quite a lot of mailing-lists for the VideoLAN project.

But I'm not the average user or developer, so YMMV.

>On the other hand developers should be encouraged and have the 
>discipline to discuss technical issues on vlc-devel list instead of 
>private. Your proposal does not change that behaviour.

I also think that we should at least announce what we're working on. 
It must be pretty difficult for an outsider to know what is being 
done by who.

Christophe Massiot.

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