[rfc] Getting rid of intf_WarnMsg

Samuel Hocevar sam at zoy.org
Fri May 3 02:10:03 CEST 2002

   Hi! Here is my latest idea in my continuous attempt at breaking
everything in vlc: getting rid of the levels in intf_WarnMsg. Frankly,
who is the vout developer to judge that the number of direct buffers
is more important than the amount of garbage bytes collected by the
input layer?

   These pieces of information are completely unrelated, so what I am
suggesting is instead of filtering messages by warning level, filter
them by module or by thread type (vout, aout, etc.), which can be done
automatically by a macro without adding much complexity to the code.
So we'd end with roughly 3 functions (msg_Info, msg_Warn, msg_Err) and
then give the ability to the user to choose what to display and what to
filter out, with flags such as "--warning aout" or "-w input".

   Is there any fantastic feature of the warning messages level that I
may be missing and which might be worth keeping? Originally Christophe
intended the warning level to range from 1 to 3, maybe that would be a
good compromise (though I'm in favor of getting rid of it completely).


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