[rfc] Getting rid of intf_WarnMsg

Christophe Massiot massiot at via.ecp.fr
Fri May 3 23:25:44 CEST 2002

Ë (At) 2:10 +0200 3/05/2002, Samuel Hocevar Žcrivait (wrote) :

>    These pieces of information are completely unrelated, so what I am
>suggesting is instead of filtering messages by warning level, filter
>them by module or by thread type (vout, aout, etc.), which can be done
>automatically by a macro without adding much complexity to the code.
>So we'd end with roughly 3 functions (msg_Info, msg_Warn, msg_Err) and
>then give the ability to the user to choose what to display and what to
>filter out, with flags such as "--warning aout" or "-w input".

I'm not against that.

>    Is there any fantastic feature of the warning messages level that I
>may be missing and which might be worth keeping? Originally Christophe
>intended the warning level to range from 1 to 3, maybe that would be a
>good compromise (though I'm in favor of getting rid of it completely).

Yeah I guess we have at least two very different uses of intf_WarnMsg :
- warning messages about the behavior of the application (Ç late 
picture trashed È)
- informational messages (Ç audio ES #3 is French È)

The latter is quite close to statistics messages (Ç input thread took 
57 cycles È), and maybe they could be merged. The former may itself 
be split in two categories :
- important events which _will have_ non-fatal repercussions on the 
quality of viewing (Ç late picture trashed È)
- Inconsistent behavior which _may have_ consequences on the playing, 
but most probably it will go unnoticed (Ç no picture buffer 
available, delaying decoding È)

That's the reason why I had 3 warning levels when I wrote 
intf_WarnMsg (BTW, are you sure I wrote it ? I think stef did). I 
wanted to be sure that this fact was taken into account, or at least 
ignored knowingly.

Christophe Massiot.

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