VLC 0.4.0 release

Tony Castley tony at castley.net
Wed May 22 02:24:50 CEST 2002

>On Tue, May 21, 2002, Samuel Hocevar wrote:
>>    There is still the margin problem, though, so the picture may 
>> slanted.
>   This should be gone as well.
>   There is still a BeOS bug, maybe you can have a look at it: nothing
>forbids to open several PlayList windows, they should probably be 
>to 1, and the PlayList menu could work as a toggle; but more 
>the program segfaults on exit if there is still an open PlayList.
I will limit the Playlist window to one.  I get a segfault in the BeOS 
client on exit *if* it is dynamically linked but not if it is 
statically linked.  I will try to fix this tonight.

As to the mmx bug it was there last I checked.  if you --enable-debug 
it does not occur.  I will test and let you know.


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