VLC 0.4.0 release

Tony Castley tony at castley.net
Wed May 22 03:34:44 CEST 2002

>On Tue, May 21, 2002, Samuel Hocevar wrote:
>>    There is still the margin problem, though, so the picture may 
>> slanted.
>   This should be gone as well.
>   There is still a BeOS bug, maybe you can have a look at it: nothing
>forbids to open several PlayList windows, they should probably be 
>to 1, and the PlayList menu could work as a toggle; but more 
>the program segfaults on exit if there is still an open PlayList.

Sam I have good and bad news.  The Overlays now work fine, no margin 
problems etc, this is great! thanks!.

However the mmx code still segfaults if not in debug mode.  Here is the 
dump from the debugger.
segment violation occurred
+0192  80091fce:   *        136e0f    movd    (%ebx), %mm2                     

I hope it helps.

I will check in some code over the next day or two to fix the playlist, 
and hopefully fix the segfault on exit.

Tony Castley

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