Compile on beos

Tony Castley tony at
Thu May 23 02:40:06 CEST 2002

>TransportButton.lo.beos: In function `__malloc_alloc_template<0>
>::_S_oom_malloc(unsigned long)':
>::gnu.linkonce.t._S_oom_malloc(unsigned long)+0x30): undefined 
>reference to `cerr'
>::gnu.linkonce.t._S_oom_malloc(unsigned long)+0x36): undefined 
>reference to `ostream::operator<<(char const *)'
>::gnu.linkonce.t._S_oom_malloc(unsigned long)+0x3e): undefined 
>reference to `endl(ostream &)'
>This looks like a c++ compilation bug... check your gcc installation 
>(are you using the one which comes with BeOS?), and/or try a more 
>recent vlc tarball.

He is using a newer install.  This breaks the compile.  I haven't tried 
to fix it as it seems the new GCC from BeBits (the one he is using) has 
different headers or header directories.


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