[vlc-devel] Re: Win32 build in Cygwin/MingW environment

Gildas Bazin gbazin at netcourrier.com
Fri Nov 8 17:30:52 CET 2002

On Friday 08 November 2002 16:54, Joe Kraft wrote:
> Thanks for the reply.  I will switch my efforts to the development branch.
> I don't know if what I'm doing falls under "developing something for vlc",
> as it would "developing something with vlc".
> I plan to use vlc to play a movie which will be synchronized with a motion
> controller.  I need to add a little code to provide time synchronization 
> the controller software every 0.1 sec or so.  I didn't see anything in the
> current software to do that already.  Is there something there that I 
> see?

I guess this should be doable without too much trouble. All the layers in 
vlc are synchronised with the same internal clock. You may only have to 
modify this clock to obtain what you need ( although I must say I did not 
clearly understand what you are aiming at ).

> I apologise if this should have gone back to the list, I'm new to this 
> list and open to critique.

Yeah, I guess it should. You'll have more luck getting the right answer if 
your query is addressed to the list (a lot of clever people are reading 
this list ;)


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