[vlc-devel] [ANN] VLC 0.4.6 and libdvdcss 1.2.4

Alexis de Lattre alexis at via.ecp.fr
Fri Nov 15 00:29:47 CET 2002

  The VideoLAN team is happy to announce version 0.4.6 "hooray for
boobies" of the VideoLAN Client, alias VLC, a multimedia player for
MPEG, DVD, VCD and DivX for most operating systems and version 1.2.4 of
libdvdcss, a portable DVD access library.

   VLC 0.4.6 is a maintenance release. The most important
fixes include:

  - selection of a52dec as the default decoder for AC3 sound
    for a better quality,
  - possibility for Windows NT/2000/XP users to read DVDs without
    administrator privileges,
  - fix for a hangup in the esd plugin,
  - fixes for a few segfaults.

   The full ChangeLog is at : http://www.videolan.org/vlc/changelog.html

   You can download VLC 0.4.6 via HTTP or FTP :


   Tarballs are available, as well as x86 Debian, RPM, Windows,
BeOS and MacOS X packages.

   Libdvdcss 1.2.4 allows Windows NT/2000/XP users to read DVDs without
administrator privileges.

   The official libdvdcss page is:


   You can download libdvdcss 1.2.4 via HTTP or FTP:


   Debian x86 packages as well as RPM x86 packages are available. Windows
and Mac OS X users don't need it because libdvdcss in included in their

   Don't forget that VideoLAN is a free software project and that you
can contribute to it. For more information, please read:


   For the VideoLAN team,

Alexis de Lattre
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